Meet Amy – Kinsey’s New American Girl Doll!

Kinsey has been badgering me to write a “Kinsey Pink” post (her name for Kinsey’s Texas Tales) for a week now.  I have put her off for various reasons, none of which are any good.  Today guilt set in, and am letting her control the photos ( and the general content.  She dictated what to write and I interpreted it.  Lucky for you I put the kabosh on the minutia including details on how we slept.  Very well, by the way.   

Hey Ya’ll!  Guess what happened last Saturday?  My family drove to Dallas to visit the American Girl  store for my 20th birthday!  After reviewing the AG website for the past 3 months I had compiled a list of clothes that I wanted to purchase for Angie and Sassy.

Nothing was too good for my girls and I managed to select over $500 worth of clothes and salon services.  (And this didn’t even include a new doll.)  My dad soundly rejected this proposal and told me I had to eliminate (gasp!) a bunch of clothes.  And so with a heavy heart, I had to slash my clothes budget by more than 50%.

Where was Tim Gunn when I needed him?

On the 3-hour drive to Dallas, I mentioned that I would really like to have a doll with red hair and blue eyes just like my Grandma Ruth.  Prior to this declaration, my mom and dad said I would never get a 3rd doll, as Angie and Sassy were already a lot of work for a single mom.

Can you say Open Sesame, because this was apparently all I needed to utter to realign my mother’s position on doll number three.  After that, my dad lost all traction on the “no more dolls” front and quietly accepted his fate.

Besides, I was the one paying for the doll and the clothes with my birthday cash and JCP earnings.

We checked into our hotel first (the one that I discovered on the Internet) and my day got even better.  You see, this was one of the hotels that offered an American Girl package and because it was my birthday, the manager gave me a cool American Girl doll bed.

It is so awesome to be me!

After we had dropped off our suitcases we drove to the American Girl store.  I could barely contain my excitement when we drove into the Galleria.  I might have even screamed a little bit in the car, only shattering a few eardrums.

I couldn’t help myself, I was super happy!  I was at the American Girl promised land and we were steps away from selecting my third doll.  I didn’t know exactly what she was going to look like, but when I saw #17 described as: “long auburn hair with bangs, blue eyes, and fair skin” I knew I had met someone special.

She was no longer #17, but was renamed Amy.

With doll in hand (thanks dad for helping me pick her out!) it was time to buy Amy some new clothes!  She came with a cute outfit, but she needed pink (naturally) pajamas and a smashing new outfit to wear to a wedding will be attending in Northern California.

And of course, Angie and Sassy also got some new threads.  I mean, what girl doesn’t want new clothes?  Mom took lots of pictures but refused to create another American Girl video for me like she did last year.  (I hate it when she does not bend to my will.)

After I had depleted my cash, it was time to put the party into overdrive and have dinner at the Luxe Cafe, (the sister restaurant to The Cheesecake Factory) that was just a few doors away from the AG store.  My parents kept muttering under their breath about “needing wine, lots of wine” after we left the store so I guess they were really, really happy about me getting doll number three.

I can’t believe I have to wait another 359 days till I turn 21.

Do you think there are any plans to open up an American Girl store in Las Vegas by next September? Because, I am so there if they do!

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