What’s the haps?

Why American Girl “stuff” that’s what!  Mom and Dad are really surprised that my obsession interest in all things AG has yet to wain.  It has in fact increased exponentially since Christmas, and I have successfully harassed convinced my parents to plan a trip to Dallas to visit one of the (12!) American Girl doll stores in the US the second week in March.  Booya!

If you are asking yourself, “Why drive 3+ hours to buy a new doll when you can simply order one on on-line?” then you obviously haven’t invested the same amount of time watching hours of self-produced You Tube videos by 12-year old girls like I have.

It goes something like this: “Hey Everybody! I’m Britney, and I’m at the American Girl doll store in Chicago.  I am SUPER EXCITED to be here!  I’m going to buy Kanani, the 2011 doll of the year with my birthday money, plus all the spare change I could find in the couch, and from recycling cans too.  This is going to be an awesome day!”  “Oh yeah, my dad’s going to film the entire thing.”

This people is what you call research, and has helped me prepare for my March 10th (insert ecstatic fist pump) visit to Mecca, also known as the American Girl doll store!

But back to the on-line versus in-person shopping question.  I’m mean duh!  No question it’s going to be way more fun to actually look and touch the dolls in person, select the perfect one (along with a few new outfits) and walk out of the store with an American Girl doll bag!

Unless of course you actually like waiting for the UPS man to arrive at your door 10 days after you hit “confirm purchase.”  I do not!

Besides, it’s going to be a once in a lifetime experience!  I plan on dragging my parents through every inch of this store that I have already committed to memory…because the geniuses behind AG have included the store’s 2-level floor plan.  Amazing!

In addition to large cavernous rooms filled with dolls, clothes and accessories they also have a doll hair salon and a bistro!  We have dinner reservations, but they are also open for brunch, lunch, and afternoon tea.  Cucumber sandwich anyone?

As you can see, AG thinks of everything.  Even your doll has a place at the dinner table and her own personal dinnerware.  (Because dolls get hungry too.)  Or at least they pretend to.

My parents said they would let me get a second American Girl doll, but only if I paid for her myself.  This means I have been saving 75% of every JCP paycheck since January to purchase a doll, a special tote bag (it holds two dolls) and a few new outfits.

After that, I’m getting cut off.  As in forbidden to get a third doll – ever!  Since that is the case,
deciding on which doll to bring home has been really, really hard for me.  Every day (and I really do mean every day) I have been looking at the AG website trying to decide which one of these dolls I want. One minute I am convinced that McKenna, (the 2012 American Girl doll of the year) is the one I want and then I think maybe I should pick a “My American Girl” doll instead, because you can design her to look just like you.  (Which of course means ME!)

If I go this route I can pick the color of her eyes, skin, hair, and even hair style (long, short, curly, straight, bangs or no bangs).  The choices are endless, which is why it is SO HARD TO DECIDE!

I kept showing my parents doll after doll until they actually told me to “shut it!”  I mean I was told I had to stop stalking about all things AG for one whole hour and to just list everything I wanted to buy (and the dollar amount) on paper and then we would discuss it.

Man, you should have seen my dad’s head snap back when he tallied the list.  I guess spending $500 on dolls, clothes, accessories, beds, bedding, doll earrings and such was a bit excessive, so I scaled it WAY back.  I’ve also discovered that you can buy knock-off clothes that fit AG dolls at Target, Michael’s and e-Bay so that has helped curb the beast.  So to speak.

Since we are driving all the way to Dallas for this EPIC adventure, we are going to cram in a couple adventures so its not all about going to the AG store.  (But let’s be honest, it really is all about the doll.)

We also plan to visit the Dallas World Aquarium for a few hours before we hit the AG store and Old Doc’s Soda shop and Dr Pepper museum in Dublin, on the way back home.

You might be asking yourself, “Are the Young’s all Dr. Pepper fans?  I thought nothing but Diet Coke passed through their lips.”  The truth is, mom bought a Groupon 10 months ago and we have to use it before April or it will expire.   Plus there is a museum there.  And you know mom, any excuse to bring her camera and she is all over that like a flea to a dog.

It’s a shame we didn’t visit earlier because until January 2012 the Dublin, Texas bottling plant was one of the few places in the US that bottled Dr Pepper (a true southern favorite) with real cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup that is the standard now.  You can blame the Dr Pepper Snapple Group for that one.

Anyway…this place is supposed to have an interesting tour, museum and an old-time soda fountain and is a real part of Texas history.  Did you know that Dr Pepper was created in 1891 in Waco, Texas by a pharmacist who also worked at the soda fountain?  

Who knew the world of soft drinks could be so interesting?  Or not.  But hey, that’s what we will be doing on March 10th and 11th.  What about YOU?

PS – Remember all those videos I was talking about regarding American Girl dolls?  Mom is trying to create one for me, only it will be more along the lines of “A Day in the Life of Sassy” or something like that.  We’re hoping hilarity will ensue, but after looking at the previews its a bit doubtful.  We’ll get back to you on that one soon!

PPS – I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!

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