Knit One, Purl Two!

Here is the beginning of my felted purse.

A couple years ago my good friend Gillian taught me how to knit a scarf (or seven) and I have been knitting off and on ever since. I must point out, that she said I learned the basic stitch faster than most of the adults she had taught. Be that as it may, I haven’t picked up a knitting needle once since we moved to Texas…until a few weeks ago, when the urge to create something fabulous came upon me.

I asked mom to write the word “knitting” down for me so I could google it. In short order I found The Knitting Nest in South Austin. It’s so far south it takes us 45-minutes to drive there, and is one exit away from the next county. I asked mom if I could take a few knitting lessons to hone my skills and to create something other than a scarf. Let’s face it, there isn’t much need for scarves in Texas, except on those rare occasions when it snows! Remember this?

My instructor Debbie is showing me how to make a felted bag and I am using circular needles (as seen above). Here is an “action shot” of me knitting. Such precision!  FYI – a felted bag is knitted with 100% wool yarn. After it’s made, you put it in the washing machine in order to make it shrink, on purpose!

I have wanted my mom to learn how to knit for a really long time, but she has extremely resistant to learning! I kept picturing us sitting in front of a warm crackling fire, knitting and chatting, just like they did in the olden days.

On Wednesday her resistance must have been down because I finally badgered convinced her to start a really simple project… a head band for me!  With the instructor’s help we picked out some beautiful yarn so she could start her first lesson. Only problem was, mom just could not get the hang of it!

She said she felt like someone beat her over the head with a stupid stick because she couldn’t make the yarn and the needles do what they were supposed to, even with the children’s rhyme about “going out a door and through a window” ringing through her head.

Mom got so frustrated, I had to remind her to slow down and breathe. (Please refer to paragraph one, wherein Gillian mentioned my quick grasp of knitting!) I promised mom I would show her how to knit when we got home, but that was going to be hours away.

We decided the only way to soothe the savage beast (mom) was through food. We left the knitting shop and headed to downtown Austin to check out “The Jalopy” a new food trailer that’s known as much for its food (huge rotisserie chicken sandwiches with all the fixin’s) as it is for its funky decor.

Why yes, my mother did manage to take this picture right when I was stuffing food in my mouth.  Way to go mom!
Shredded chicken with red cabbage and cilantro on grilled sourdough.  Sadly, the food was not as good as the hype.
Like I need instructions on where to sit!
It was so hot this day, even the squirrels had to lay low and try and keep cool in the trees.

Mother has stubbornly refused to pick up her knitting since yesterday, “claiming” that she is busy preparing dinner, washing dishes and doing laundry. I think I might have to ground her until she get’s her work done.

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