Kinsey’s daily commute

I promised you an update on what Kinsey’s been doing the last year, and I will (in greater detail) tomorrow.  Today however, I’d like to show you the scenery on the way to BiG (Brookwood in Georgetown), the fantastic day program she attends four ...Read More

Photo Friday

The amazing Texas wildflower season continues, and now an entirely new variety of blooms are appearing.  I am constantly astounded by not only their resilience, but their beauty as well.  We are fortunate to live only a few miles away from Williamson County Park ...Read More

The Capitol Dome of Texas

For the past few days I have made claims that I was working on a powerpoint presentation for an upcoming Toastmaster speech about “cool things to do in Austin.”  While struggling to master the unlimited options within the Apple Keynote templates (not to mention ...Read More

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