First day of school blues…

Tuesday was my first day of school.  As you can see from my expression, I was feeling less than enthusiastic about this new educational “experience.”  Now that I am no longer in a traditional high school setting everything is different.  When my mom told me to SMILE, this ...Read More

First Day of School

My first day at Round Rock High was awesome! I like my teachers and met my new classmates and teacher’s aides for the first time. This probably won’t come as a surprise to those of you who know me well, but when the teacher’s ...Read More

Round Rock Dragons

Well, I am an official Round Rock “Dragon” and will begin school on Tuesday, August 24th. (Excuse me mom, but could you keep your hooting and hollering down to a dull roar?! I can’t hear myself think!) I thought you might like to see what ...Read More

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