American Girl Dolls Rally for Injured Dog

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Kinsey and her girls provide hospital room for injured dog

Kinsey and her girls provide hospital room for injured dog

When the shocking news of animal cruelty reached Kinsey Young’s American Girl dolls, a unanimous decision was made to convert their posh accommodations’ into a dog hospital. “We love dogs” chorused Sassy, Angie, Amy, Saige, Sammy, Julie and CeCe, and knew it was the right thing to do.”

On the morning of October 29th “Bambi”, a Great Pyrenees/Labrador mix was shot in her hind leg for the “heinous” crime of being a stray.

Details are still sketchy, but around 7:30 am, Mrs. Ima Concerned-Citizen was waiting with her son at the school bus stop when she first saw the dog in the neighborhood.  As soon as the bus departed, she returned to her home with plans to bring the young stray some food.

Twenty minutes later she heard the crack of a gun, rushed outside, and found the dog cowering in the bushes, bleeding and whimpering in pain.  Mrs. Concerned-Citizen went from nice-lady-feeding-a-dog to Nurse Nightingale. She leaped into action and brought the injured dog into her home, where she was able to clean the wound and stabilize the dog before contacting Williamson Country Regional Animal Shelter. The dog was then transported to the shelter in Georgetown, TX where medical aid was then rendered.

The Veterinarian prescribed antibiotics and complete bed rest before he could remove the bullet on November 14th. As luck would have it, Kinsey Young and her family were visiting the shelter on Halloween Eve, when the shelter director mentioned they were looking for a foster family for Bambi.

“Within seconds of hearing Bambi’s story we knew that this was a dog we wanted to foster in our home” said Mr. Young.

picture of large white rescue dog

Bambi and her toys

“It’s hard to believe anyone could shoot this dog” said Mrs. Young. “She is an absolute sweetheart, and incredibly gentle, especially with our Special Needs daughter Kinsey. She’s going to make a great family dog.”

“We knew Bambi would need to be isolated from our other dogs. She had to remain calm with limited mobility” stated Mr. Young, so we asked Kinsey’s seven American Girls if they would mind moving out of their room and bunk with Kinsey for a few weeks.

“Do we mind?” they asked incredulously. “Are you kidding? We get to have a 3-week sleepover with Kinsey! We can’t wait! Can you help us move our bed into the other room, like NOW!” they clamored.

The Young’s put a large heavy duty plastic tarp down, covered it with a blanket, gave Bambi her very first dog bed and encircled it with an small metal pen to limit her mobility.

“The only exercise Bambi gets is to walk outside to do her business and then it’s back into the kennel” stated Mr. Young. “We spend a lot of time in the room with her so she gets plenty of love and attention.”

The American Girls visit Bambi regularly and help with her meals and the dispensing of medications and treats.

Bambi loves it when Kinsey and the American Girls come for a visit!

“We expect Bambi to have a full recovery and will be able to take long walks soon” said Mrs. Young. “Kinsey and the American Girls all plan to be there when we bring her back home to recuperate.”

“I love my dolls” said Kinsey. “They really like to help.”

Bambi will be available for adoption after she has been spayed and has recuperated from her surgery.

"Bless my Dolls"

“Bless my Dolls”

 “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”
Steve MaraboliLife, the Truth, and Being Free

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