Brookwood in Georgetown

Kinsey has been a citizen of Brookwood in Georgetown (aka BiG) for nearly three years. It is a fantastic vocational program for adults with cognitive delays.

At BiG, every citizen, no matter how compromised their abilities, is valued and respected.

Four days a week, Kinsey and 24 other citizens create one-of-a-kind (handmade) pottery pieces, cards, and jewelry. In the kitchen, they make and package homemade granola and the BiG Cookie. They also grow sunflowers, vegetables and herbs. These items are sold at BiG’s retail shop and local venues, and all proceeds are reinvested to sustain and “grow” the program.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so “moving pictures” might better explain the program than I can.

The first is a 2 minute segment from KVUE news:

The second is a 30 second video that was created by Todd White of Todd White Photography. This short segment will be shown before all the movies being played at City Lights Theater in Georgetown, TX in December (and possibly January!)

It really highlights the beautiful products being made by the citizens. While Kinsey doesn’t have a speaking part in either video, you can see her glazing some of the pottery she has created.

Many of you have asked me if you can buy some of these gorgeous products. The answer is no and yes.

BiG is still in the process of building an online store. Once that has been completed, I can send you the link and you can order to your heart’s content. Until that time, you will have to go through me. Tell me what you are looking for – I can go to the shop, send you photos via text message, then you tell me “THAT is the one!” You will have to pay for the product via phone with your credit card, and then I can send it to you.

Trust me, it is worth it!

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