Donate to a Great Cause – Brookwood in Georgetown (Big)’s Annual Golf Benefit

Kinsey's read to play golf at Brookwood in Georgetown's 3rd Annual Golf Benefit

Kinsey’s ready to play golf at BiG’s 3rd Annual Golf Benefit!

For the past two years Kinsey has been a citizen of Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG), a day program for adults with cognitive delays. In a word, this place is AMAZING!

Four days a week, Kinsey and 24 other citizens create one-of-a-kind (handmade) pottery pieces, cards, and jewelry. In the kitchen, they make and package homemade granola and the BiG Cookie. They also grow sunflowers, vegetables and herbs. These items are sold at BiG’s retail shop and local venues, and all proceeds are reinvested to sustain and “grow” the program.

This is a place where Kinsey shines! She loves “making art” and is actually one of their most prolific and precise artisans.

BiG has created an environment that fosters creativity, and provides meaning and purpose to individuals that society often undervalues and overlooks.

They say pictures are worth a 1,000 words, and this inspiring video showcases the program, their hand-crafted products, and Big’s future plans. (We’re in the process of purchasing our own building that can serve up to 75 special need adults.)

This of course brings me to the purpose of this letter.

BiG is hosting it’s 3rd annual golf benefit on October 27, 2014 and we need your help.

Brookwood in Georgetown receives NO government funding. Annual operating expenses are derived through program fees, social enterprise revenues, and private donations.

Last year’s golf benefit raised more than $150,000, of which 97% was reinvested back into the program.  Funds raised will be used to  expand the pottery, horticulture, and bakery enterprises, pay staff salaries, as well as general operating expenses. Your donation will directly benefit Kinsey and her fellow citizens.

Each family has been challenged to raise $10,000! Team Kinsey has only fulfilled 25% of this goal, and I hope you will help us achieve (or surpass) this amount.

Last year Kent and I matched donations (up to $1,000) and we are doing so again. Please consider helping out. No amount is too small (or large) and anything you can give is greatly appreciated.

You can donate via PayPal to The BiG Kinsey Team OR you can go “old school” and mail a check to the:

Brookwood Community
1752 FM 1489
Brookshire, TX  77423

Make sure you write TEAM KINSEY on the memo line so Kinsey gets credit as the “rainmaker.”

*** The Golf Benefit is Monday, October 27th, but donations will be accepted until December 31st.

If you would like year-round updates about BiG then “like” BiG’s Facebook Page and sign up for BiG’s quarterly newsletter. (Sign up through MailChimp at the bottom of the page.)

Warm regards,

Suzanne, Kent and Kinsey Young

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