Special Olympics Awards Night

Once again, another late post…like 3 weeks late, considering the Round Rock Award’s Night was on May 11th! Nevertheless, it was an amazing night, and one more example of how terrific the Round Rock Special Olympics program is. Full credit goes to Jan Sartain, Round Rock’s Head of Delegation who managed to find a few moments before the evening began to take a picture with me.

I need a show of hands. How many of you have been dragged to at least one painfully long, (dare I say it…boring) end-of-year, award’s ceremony, complete with tasteless sheet cake before?

Well, this wasn’t one of those kind of events! (And the snacks were delicious and plentiful!)

As with all Round Rock Roadrunner productions, this was a top-drawer affair…and even Justin Bieber showed up to say “Rock On, Roadrunners!” (Which was coincidentally the theme for the evening’s ceremony.)

My mom was asked to be on the planning committee and was assigned to decorations, which is definitely not in her skill set. With a shudder, she agreed to help the chairman any way she could. Her one and only job was to string blank CD’s (shiny side out) on fishing line six feet long. While not difficult, it was time consuming, but the effect was pretty cool. The CD’s were hung on the black stage curtain, and in other key places around the

room, to create a pretty dazzling effect in my humble opinion.  In keeping with the rock ‘n roll theme, we also had entertainment! A very talented middle school rock band called Unleashed performed for about 30 minutes before the ceremony began.

Athletes all received a certificate of participation (suitable for framing!) that listed all of their sports.

I think what made the evening so special was the “year in review” photo & music video that highlighted athletes participation in the following sports: golf, swimming, bowling, powerlifting, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, tennis, track ‘n field, and cycling. As you can see, it was an incredibly busy year!

The coaches also produced three very amusing MTV style videos. Watching the coaches jump and jive to the sounds of MC Hammer’s “You Can’t Touch This” was HI-LAR-I-OUS! (And if you think teachers don’t know how to ham it up then you are mistaken!)

Volunteer recognition and Special Awards were also given this evening. For me, the highlight of the evening was the Senior Tribute. I was one of the eleven graduating seniors and we each received a special tribute. Our parents were asked to submit 10-15 pictures of us growing up. It was amazing to see the transformation from babies in diapers to high school graduates!

Can you believe I’ve gone from this to this to this.  I just love proving doctors they are wrong!

It really was a very special night, and the coaching staff went above and beyond what you might expect of a typical awards banquet.

Next up – two very short posts, and then we’ll go back in time to tell you about the State Tournament in Arlington. Spolier alert – I got two more gold medals!

One day we will be more timely. Keep your fingers crossed – but don’t hold your breath or you will pass out before you know it!

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