Bee’s, Butterflies and Flowers!

Hey ya’ll.  I went to the dentist today, and brought my American Girl dolls along for support.  They thought the three of us looked so cute, they took my picture for their Facebook page.  (That picture is much cuter than this one, I can assure you.)

I’m happy to report that once again I have no cavities.  The bad news… the dentist says I grind my teeth so I should get a mouthguard.  But that’s only after I have two have two wisdom teeth removed AND he thinks I need to see the orthodontist.  Really?  I guess the mouthguard doesn’t sound so bad after all.

So while my mom is sitting in the waiting room, she decided to make a short video about all the butterflies this year.  There are so many flitting about, that we get dive bombed every time we step out the door.

Need proof?  Look no further.  (The still photos were taken earlier this week, and the video shot this afternoon right by our front door)  Sorry for the shaky camera, it was taken with the iPhone.

And one more disclaimer…because these little buggers move about so quickly, it’s hard to get a sharp action photo.  (Mom’s still trying to grasp shutter speed, but I am confident she will with a little more practice.)

In the meantime, here’s the video.

If you’d like to see a larger screen, then click here and it will take you directly to YouTube.
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