Can you see why it’s so hard to drive around here?

Welcome to Silent Sunday – my first attempt at letting a picture tell a story with very few words.  Tough for me I know, but I’m going to give it a try.

Easter Sunday was spent photographing and editing flowers in my neighborhood.  The wet spring has produced a truly prolific wildflower season along with a plethora of butterflies (yeah!) and some pretty nasty bugs that like to to bite.  A lot.

I have tried to identify all the flowers using this website.  I *think* most of these are correct.  Flowers are categorized by color, rather than name for “easier” identification.  This of course can be extremely time consuming since chances are you have no freaking clue what the flower is called which is why you are looking it up on the Internet!

The flowers are still very pretty to look at, even if their name is incorrect so enjoy!

I think this is Variegated Fritillary but not 100% positive. For now “pretty butterfly” will have to do.

So this is what I am forced to look at when I drive to the grocery store, or drive Kinsey to work, or go to the library.  It’s a tough job I know, but I’m up for the challenge.  At least until the temperatures start to soar.  That’s when I’ll have to remind myself how beautiful the spring was this year!

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