Fields of Gold & Busy Bees

Why hello there!  This post was started weeks ago, back when we actually had rain in Texas!  

Guess what?  It’s been over a month since we’ve have had significant rain. That’s how long it’s taken me to get back to finishing this post.  Oops!

The early rains had no trouble coaxing the drought battered wildflower seeds from 2011 to make a welcome, and truly spectacular appearance this spring.  No doubt this has reassured Texans that the long, hot summers are (almost) worth enduring.

First comes the bluebonnets, then the Indian Paintbrush, followed by the Indian Blanket and then a vast assortment of purple and gold flowers.

In early May the fields of Indian paintbrush give way to fields of coreopsis and Mexican Hat that literally look like fields of gold.

Imagine this bright gold coreopsis, multiplied by 100,000 to create the scene below.  It’s truly a sight to behold.  And it’s free!
Both of these pictures were taken along FM 1431, a 60-mile an hour thorough fare near my house!

Do you see all those dead trees in the background?  That is the result of the drought last year.  While incredibly ugly, I and thousands of other cedar pollen sufferers will not mourn the loss of those fricking trees.  They are horrible water-sucking trees that farmers and ranchers all hate.

The Texas heat (although thankfully not as horrific as last year) is starting to dull the golden fields, BUT they are being replaced by the noble, and aptly name SUNFLOWER!

This was taken in the county park near my home.

And of course, the bees continue to pollinate the flowers spreading joy wherever they go.

He was buzzing so quickly his gossamer wings are just a blur!

I’m headed to the Type A Parent blogging convention next week wherein I hope to up my creative and technical skills a thousand-fold.  Trust me, it won’t be difficult to amp it up that much as I feel I know so little.

Of course, sitting on my butt moaning about it isn’t very helpful either.   Until that happens I plan on writing more posts about Kinsey and our trip to New Orleans.

Happy Friday Friends!

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