On my way to a track meet

In an effort to post more, I have convinced mom that less wordy, but more frequent posts is the way to go. Mom took this picture at my last track practice (for the season) on Thursday. Today is a HUGE District 13 (Central Texas) track meet where more than 700 athletes will be competing in track and field events. Like last time I will be in the 100 meter speed walk and the javelin throw. We are hoping for cool weather today.

Mom and I are working on several posts. Within the week, expect an update on today’s track meet, the latest news from JC Penney’s, a preview about the State SO Tournament in Dallas-Fort Worth, and (hopefully) a new movie.

As I said in my last post, the wild flower season is coming to a close, but now the cactus flowers are in bloom! We pulled off the side of the road and took a few photos. This rural setting is just a few miles from our house along a “street” that has a posted speed limit of 60 miles per hour! (This spot is literally a mile away from a major shopping center with an IKEA, Petsmart, REI, and of course JC Penney!)
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