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The amazing Texas wildflower season continues, and now an entirely new variety of blooms are appearing.  I am constantly astounded by not only their resilience, but their beauty as well.  We are fortunate to live only a few miles away from Williamson County Park that has miles of biking, hiking and walking trails available for the public.

It’s hard to believe this only a few miles from my house

The flowers I am forcing you to look at next were taken here.  Now I have to get a Texas wildflower book so I can properly identify these correctly.

Toby loves Texas wildflowers too!

Most Texas thistle is a lovely shade of purple, but this is the first “albino” thistle I’ve seen.  I took this photo on a gray, overcast day with the sun behind the subject.  This is the original, unedited photo.  The next two I played with the editing software – mainly adding sepia tones, and boosting colors a bit.  It almost looks like I know what I’m doing.  I think I am ready to take the plunge and learn more about the Photoshop software that has been on my computer for the last 5 years.

On the way to the park, there is a small herd of cows who graze amongst the ever-changing wildflowers.  Just a few weeks ago it was filled with bluebonnets.  Today it is filled with Indian Blanket.  I stopped to take a few pictures and discovered there is a brand new addition to the herd.

Momma and Baby 
The newest baby sitting in field of Indian Blanket wildflowers

And remember that other baby cow I showed you a few weeks ago?  Well, she is really growing up. And she even let me pet her while I was taking these pictures.

Well, hello there! Does that green, weedy thing look good to you?

We are headed to San Antonio tomorrow to see the Bracken Bat Cave, where 20 million bats will emerge after sunset.  I can’t wait to see that amazing sight.  Plus, I love any creature whose job it is to eat bugs.

Happy Friday Folks!

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