Someone just followed me on Twitter and it means absolutely nothing!

Great news – I just got a new Twitter follower! This means I now have a whopping 396 people following. my. every. word!


I know so many people who swear by Twitter. I have one friend who has actually gotten several social media gigs through her savvy use of Twitter. Other people have taken to Twitter after getting the run-around from an airline, and one famous blogger actually got a brand new washer and dryer after lambasting the company for poor service.

The ironic thing is that all she wanted was the repairman to show up after getting jerked around for 2 weeks. (In the end she got her washing machine repaired and donated the washer and dryer to a women’s shelter.)

In mid-September, Twitter was used to track suspects in a violent gang assault on two gay men in Philadelphia.

It’s nice to know that Twitter can be used for good, and not just mindless banter but I have sort of given up on it. Probably because Twitter hurt my feelings.

I know the exact date I joined Twitter. It was on October 25, 2011. I had just attended my first blogging conference and Twitter was really getting to be “the” thing.

After saying “Hello – what’s your blog about?” you’d be asked what your Twitter handle was.

“Ummmm” I stuttered, “I don’t have one…”

“Well, you need one!” I was told “It’s a very effective way to promote your blog”

And then there was the promise of all the free stuff you could win…like wine if you participated in a Twitter party.

“OK” I said very enthusiastically, “I’m signing up immediately.”

“And one more thing” I was advised. “You absolutely, positively, need to to upload a photo. If you just use that lame “egg” then everyone is going to think you are a bot.”

Duly noted. And so I signed up for “the twitter” under the name of @RoundRockGal.

And I jumped in with both feet!  I used it to:

  • Promote my Blog
  • I wrote pithy things
  • I wrote serious things
  • I commented on other people’s tweets
  • I uploaded pictures of cats
  • I promoted other people’s posts

And…crickets. I’d get an occasional LOL, but it wasn’t very satisfying. I had a few “real live people” follow me, but I was always baffled when organizations like RS1 FLAG FOOTBALL chose to follow me…because I have made so many comments on Twitter about my love for flag football? Clearly they were going through some master list and “following” everyone.

Way to make a girl feel special.


Screenshot 2014-11-19 19.19.45



I understand that in today’s marketplace, businesses have to reach customers through numerous mediums, but WHY is

younes-SÃhrÃÒùi following me??? I do not like camels and I do not speak Arabic.

This is why I abandoned Twitter and mainline Facebookinstead. It is evil in its own right, but I “get it” more than I do Twitter.

Screenshot 2014-11-20 20.11.45

Of course, now after all my complaining, I’m ready to dip my toe back into the water. Twitter has even given me some nifty suggestion of people to follow, like…

Screenshot 2014-11-20 20.21.13

Never mind – it’s all in Arabic.

I’m at a loss people. Are you on Twitter? If so, who do you follow – and why? Tell me why I should give it another try? Or should I just bag it and totally embrace Instagram?


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