A Young Family Update (plus commentary) in Bullet Points

  • When Kinsey rapped lightly on the door at 5:21 am this morning I knew something had to be wrong. The only time you get woken up at o’dark hundred is when someone is either sick or dying. In this case, it was sick. For the 2nd day in a row  Bambi informed us “I HAVE DIARRHEA!” Could someone please change my sheets – NOW!” That someone was Kent. (The man is a saint I tell you.) No clue what has caused the runs, but it’s chicken and rice until things firm up.
  • Our house now looks like a daycare center. We now have metal “doggie” gates at both the top and bottom of our stairs to prevent Bambi from running up and down them, as if the house was on fire. It is hard to believe she has a bullet lodged in her leg, but apparently she hasn’t let that slow her down.
  • Suggesting we lay heavy-duty plastic down in her hospital room was a stroke of brilliance on my part, because she has managed to urinate and defecate numerous times since she first came to our house. We also have tatty looking beach towels strewn over our new-ish couches. When you have four dogs, contributing four different hair samples throughout the house, you need “protection.”

    Bambi in repose

    Bambi in repose

After Bambi’s story aired on November 13th, many people wanted to  adopt her. Kent, Bambi and I met with two potential families, both of which we liked very much.  I thought I was going to have to play King Solomon and cut her in half since both families really wanted her. Or so I thought.

After serious consideration, BOTH families decided that Bambi’s short and long-term care was more than they could handle. Well, “in for a penny, in for a pound”as they say, so it looks like Bambi will be living with us well into January and most likely beyond. Her surgery is tentatively scheduled for January 14th, and who knows how long she will need to rehab with us after that. We are still looking for a very special family for Bambi.


  • Now that Bambi is part of our herd, she has decided to protect her new homestead by barking loudly, and chewing on shoes, pot holders, Longaberger baskets, and anything else she deems worthy. I guess it’s part of dog initiation.

ST. Vincent image

  • We saw the movie St. Vincent yesterday starring Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts and newcomer Jaeden Lieberher. Murray plays a “bawdy misanthrope” who watches young Oliver, while his divorced mother (McCarthy) works long hours as an MRI technician at a local hospital. While many professional film reviewers described it as “formulaic and hokey”, Fandango reviews from the average Joe waxed poetic, calling it “wonderful” and “one of Murray’s best films ever.” I fell with the Fandango viewers – I loved it. Warning, make sure you bring some tissue for the final scene, it definitely tugs at your heart.
  • Unless you like sophomoric, potty humor, filled with F-Bombs, written with middle school boys in mind, I would avoid “22 Jump Street.” It is completely stupid and I laughed a lot. It’s only worth a $1.00 Red Box rental or better yet, free on cable. Make sure you drink lots of beer beforehand. It will definitely make it funnier.
  • Saturday was a day of rain (3-5 inches), wind, thunder, lightening and in some areas hail. Today it was sunny and 75 degrees. What the hell?
  • Expect a new post tomorrow. Crazy huh?
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